A Bit behind the making of A Cut Above Tree Solutions

Daniel Vandermeel formed A Cut Above Tree Solutions Pty Ltd after investing 10 years to the industry employed fulltime. Daniels employment kicked of in 2003 where he was given an opportunity to become the newest recruit to a leading tree maintenance company based in Sydney. Once settling in Daniel was quick to begin, developing the skills needed in Tree Removal. This allowed room to move which were rewarded by promotion.

Now only just completing his certificate 2 in Arboriculture Daniel found himself applying for a management position which just so happened to become available. Being torn between working in the field or management Daniel what benefits it would have if given the chance to work on the shoulder of some of the most well renowned highly respected Tree Arborists Sydney had to offer.

Accepted into the role and having spent 2 years working with some of the best in the Tree business, Daniel was able to develop all the skills required that put him fully responsible for delivering the completions to the operations. Coordinating staff, liaising with clients whilst managing the fleet were some of the daily tasks. Being able to adapt to situations and shuffle things around at a moment’s notice Daniel had to find the Solutions for whatever the situation. After spending the 2 most important yet challenging years of his employment Daniel decided it was right to head back into the field as an acting tree climber whilst complete his certificate 3 in Arboriculture.

After investing 10 years serving as a full time employee then came a further 3years contract climbing to the broader tree companies in Western Sydney.

As a result to the commitment Daniel is now referred to as an Advanced Climbing Arborist Known for his safety and precision cutting ability.

The Right Way To Do Business!

Like most things there is a level of etiquette that should be followed weather its in business or sport. the term Etiquette (a conventional but unwritten code of practice that should be followed by members of any of certain professions or groups in this case Tree workers. Would you believe the two biggest problems in the tree industry are:-

  • Over Charging $$$
  • Undercutting $$$

Whilst these may not be written as law it does not make it ok to run a business with disregard to either. It is hard to imagen that it is even possible for these two problems to occur in the same place.

How its Fixed!

The a cut above tree solution is. (Prevention will bring a Cure.)

The industry and the customer play vital roles in this being possible.

  • The industry needs to provide to the customer enough intel knowledge and guidance so that they are able to make appropriate decision.
  • The Customer by having enough intel knowledge and guidance will then be able to make the correct decisions not always price based
Quality is cheaper than Price!

Unfortunately, price does beat quality when two quotes are compared by a customer new to tree work. Therefore, you can’t blame them for choosing someone cheap. Ask a repeat customer and 95% will say they will never go the cheapest quote.


Simply by from developing enough of there own knowledge from previous experience and understanding the value in Quality.

How to Prevent Being over charged, ripped off or left with a mess!

Whilst it would be quicker to say Call Us! We encourage you to read our suggestions which will go towards you finding the right company to complete your work and prevent the chance of being overcharged. We hope to provide you with enough information that you can use when deciding on who to choose.

Read this then give us a call and put us to the test!

A Cut Above Tree Solutions is built on honesty and reliability. You can have the comfort knowing regardless whether we are the first or last to quote your work. Our price is reflective to what it is that’s required and maintain a competitive approach without the need to undercut

A Cut Above Tree Solutions aren’t a company who considers every other company unworthy In fact A Cut Above Tree Solutions is one of few who acknowledge that there are other good alternatives to choose from not just us. By excepting this is how we continue to better our service which gives us a edge to them.

There is enough work out there available for the good companies to work together providing day to day services to you without the need to undercut each other, and yes A Cut Above Tree Solutions are increasing the Gap between the good and the bad.

Keep in Mind!

We all live in a world where budgets are tightening and yes we all deserve a good deal from time to time. Just remember when Paying to have a tree cut – tree pruned – or – tree removed, you are paying for a complete service. A weekend warrior with a bit of guts can cut a tree down, but It is how its done which matters. There is a level of skill and experience required to carry out such a task whilst maintain that level of safety which is required at all time.

Things Not To Say

“I have rung 5+ companies and still no one has come out”

Don’t make it so easy for the one quoting!! If they no there isn’t another quote to compare, they wont forget that when finalising the price.

Don’t be Quiet Ask heaps of questions

You will get good indication on the quality they offer simply by the way they respond to an unexpected question the way they respond will be enough to determine whether you are comfortable using them or not. Questions like:

“How are you going to do the job”

“What equipment will you bring”

These are great ways to start building up the trust required when deciding on tree company. Trust your Gut in most cases your gut is right!! If there price is honest and fair you should get that same feeling from there response. Anybody feeling need to see the other quotes or offering a guarantee to beat any quote are ones to avoid. Are they worthy of your business can they be trusted??

This unprofessional way to win work is a big issue and should not be something that takes place.

Make sure

The quote is reflective to what you have requested to be done. If your job requires specialised equipment make sure that equipment is then provided. You have paid for it!

Ie:- Crane Work – Insulated Cherry Picker (EWP) – Additional Staff etc. You dont want to find on the day that the price included the use of EWP and they have a trainee attempting to climb It especially if it was near overhead powerlines. It happens!”

Hopefully this has provided you with some guidance and assists in making that right choice. A Cut Above Tree Solutions only wish anybody requiring the need of a Tree Service that you have a good experience. We love what we do and it still amazes us on what we are able to do with a tree. It is something that is enjoyable to watch when being carried out in the correct way.

( Tree Climbing is Rated No#3 in the worlds most Dangerous job.)