“Our Insurance is Your assurance”

A Cut Above Tree Solutions is very proud of being able to say that we provide a level of service that has to date a 100% incident & injury free reputation.

Since A Cut Above Tree Solutions started trading, Safety has been our key focus and is continually addressed by all our staff ensuring proceeders are constantly reviewed ensuring that we as a company are adapting with the constant changes that we are faced within our industry. By building a culture within our business that safety is the number one priority at all times, this discipline has been a key factor into the success of maintaining a 100% incident & injury free workplace.

A Cut Above Tree Solutions acknowledges that arboriculture is classified as High Risk work and has been responsible for many serious Injuries and damage in the past. By implementing the strong behavior amongst out staff regarding the importance of safety, our aim is to never be responsible for injuries or damage. We ensure that all our staff are properly trained and qualified for there specific duties minimizing the chance of causing simple mistakes, creating serious injury or damage!

A Cut Above Tree Solutions is fully insured and has full cover for all of its duties undertaken. We can provide copies of our current $10 million dollar public liability insurance prior to any quote or commencement to work. We ensure all our staff are protected under our current workers compensation policies.

Any plant or vehicle coming onto our sites are fully insured and we keep on file maintenance records for all plant and equipment ensuring service records are kept up to date.